Thursday, January 26, 2012

USPS Announces another round of shipping increases

CardShark gives and the USPS takes away. After our recent shipping reductions we are sadly faced with another postal increase. Although they claim a 2.1% increase on average, the prices that relate to small parcels (which is what collectable cards are considered) have seen an increase of 10.9% or .24 across all weights.

We have also seen increases in international Priority mail by as much as 25%.

We have increased our shipping by approx .24 for all First Class mail and also adjusted Priority mail prices domestically and internationally to fit with any changes.

Insurance has gone up a modest .05 - .10 and that has been adjusted as well.

Looking for a silver lining? Our recent shipping reductions and quantity re-categorization efforts still leave a net reduction in our overall shipping prices.

We apologize for this shipping increase but we need to pass on this cost to buyers to adequately compensate sellers for their shipping costs.

Here's the new pricing info announcement from the USPS:

Here's a summary of some of the new shipping prices:

Here's a great site that has tracked the USPS increases over the last several years.

All of us at CardShark