Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to the CardShark blog

You might ask, "Why another blog?, Isn't there enough out there already?" Valid questions for sure. We often talk with many of our users one-on-one and the same questions or comments come up frequently. There are also various tips and techniques we have come up with over the years to make using a lot easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, there is a bit of a gap between our behind the scenes development of the site and our policies and a formal way to present this information to you the user so you can stay informed or even help contribute to the direction of the site.

Our aim with this blog is to bring some of this content to you. Here's a few things we have planned to talk about in the near future.
  • Tips and techniques
  • Frequent customer support questions and resolutions
  • Major site upgrades
  • Policy clarification, proposed changes and an open forum for user comments
  • User chosen topics.
  • New features and site news
Feel free to write to us with any questions you have about the direction of CardShark, behind the scenes questions or just general ideas you would like to see us pontificate on. Also don't forget to subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with new posts. We will probably only post 1-2 times a month although there may be a bit more early on.

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  1. Well, I guess I get to start the ball rolling here. I want to thank Cardshark for being around to let me sell my extra cards and I want to thank those who have bought from me over the last (wow will it really be 6 years next Feb?). I want to do a few things this year - get moved first and foremost and then begin relisting my commons when I have a sufficient storage space for them. I also want to try to get enough shark sahres to maybe get a booster box most of which will probabaly end up on my site. I want to get through the year with more sales than ever before and I want to thank those of you who have helped me so far. Looking forward to a great year andmay you and yours have a great holiday
    Looking forward to CS 3.0
    Arthur Childers a.k.a. Kittwalker fo cardshark

  2. Here it is a new year - Im going to spend New Years Day watching BBCs Day of the Triffids and listing cards on the site - Looking forward to site upgrades and hoping the best of your last year is the worst of your new year