Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seller sorting on card detail page.

Why is that seller with 4#@$#@$#@ xxxAwesomeDude 4#@$#@$#@ always first in the listings?

Well someone figured out how to game the system and we don't like it any more than you do.  We have wanted to do something about this for a long time and are ready to address the problem after the new site launches.

The question:  How do you sort listings?
The answer: By price silly.

The Next question:  What if price is equal?
The answer: hmmm....

Alphabetical?  By how long the seller has been a member?  By their feedback rating?  By their confirmation time? By their Premium seller level? Random? By divine inspiration? By a mystical unimplemented CardShark condifence score?

See why we never get anything done?  It's tough to decide between all of these very viable options.

Let us know your thoughts.  Give us your top 3 sorting preferences (in order). Once you get past the first option you find yourself in a recursive loop asking what to sort on next.

Another option is to let people buy top placement (hey we could use the cash).  Maybe a bidding system.  We like the sound of that....

A final option thinking outside of the box is to have a seller commendation system.  This let's satisfied buyers give a hi-5 or a prop to a seller.  We could sort on who has the most satisfied customers.  This sounds like it would scale to get the best sellers on top too.  This sounds interesting and would give those hard working sellers some warm fuzzies....  mmm fuzzy.

We could also let users choose their own sorting options as a preference.  This would let each person pick what is most meaningful to them.  This might even be extended to providing a list of favorite sellers and only include them or include them at the top.

Whatever we do it will probably be phase 2 after the site launches.

Send in those comments.


  1. I might have missed something, but I do leave a ton of feedback for folks.. yet have a tough time finding sellers feedback when deciding to use a new person. Can a 'view seller's feedback' link be kept in their short profile when browsing their cards? Thanks a ton!

  2. Robin,

    Great suggestion. There will be a new Seller Profile page that has basic information, promotional space, but also has tabs for all the games the seller is selling and more importantly to your suggestion, will have a feedback tab to get to their feedback.

    Also everywhere a seller's name appears throughout the site, it will have a (x.x) feedback rating next to it which will get you straight to their feedback.

    We will also be adding an alert section to the My Account page that shows when you have orders pending feedback as a buyer. This will quickly get you into the feedback section as will a feedback link on the My Account page.

    Hope this helps make this process easier for you and other users once the new site goes live.