Thursday, April 1, 2010

Upcoming Password and Email Changes

Some new changes are coming to the user system with the new site which will be launching shortly.

We want to give a heads up to our users and make sure you understand these changes and how they will affect you.

1. Passwords
The first major change is resetting all passwords.  Some people have passwords from over 9 years ago that have never been changed and were created with no length requirements. We are also moving to a new internally encrypted format and enforcing a password policy.

We will be randomly assigning new passwords to all users.  When you attempt to access the new site (or Beta site) you will need to click the Forgot Password program from the Login screen instead of logging in with your old credentials.  Your password will then be sent to your registered email address.  At that point, you can then login to the system and either change your password or keep your new secure password.

Our new password policy will require passwords to be at least 6 characters long and contain 1 symbol.   We know this is annoying, but with the rise in hacking attempts throughout the world, it is important. Note: All of this is described on the Login page as well.

If your email address on our system is wrong, you won't be able to login and you will need to write to us to sort this out. This leads us to our next big change...

2. Emails
Our new system will strongly enforce a few things for new users.

First, unique email addresses that support our policy of one account per user.  Next, in order to access the site you will need to verify your email address.  We currently only require sellers to verify.  We are also improving the verification program to avoid some bugs with certain web-based email clients in the past. Having a valid email and being able to be contacted by our system is essential.

We have some other changes we will discuss in future blog posts, so stay tuned.

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